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The Common Linnets - Calm after the storm - Cover by Jaimy Taylor
Calm After the Storm
Western Experience 2017   JAIMY TAYLOR
Western Experience 2017
Jaimy Taylor - Country Singer  (compilatie)
Compilatie (March 2018)
Justin Bieber - What do you mean - cover by Jaimy Taylor
Justin Bieber - What do you mean - cover
Michael Bublé (Blake Shelton) - Home - Live country cover by Jaimy Taylor
Michael Bublé (Blake Shelton) - Home cover
Unique country event!
Jaimy with Ricky Travers
Tüdderen, Westzipfelhalle, 14-05-2016 020,Jaimy Taylor with Mother (NL) - Mama He's Crazy
Mamy, He's Crazy (with mama)
Westernwald Country Festival Nauroth Ronald Engelman & Jaimy Taylor
In the Ghetto (with daddy)
Jaimy Taylor live
Westernwald Country Festival, Nauroth 2017